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    Rules (What will help you stay clear of mutes/bans)



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    Rules (What will help you stay clear of mutes/bans)

    Post  Simi on Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:37 pm

    Hello guys I Will put a list of rules you have to obey to not get muted or banned , for your own good Very Happy

    1. Do Not Insult a member of staff under any circumstances.
    2. Do Not Dupe. This is very important due to the economy. This will be dealt with seriously.
    3. Do Not Scam Anyone.
    4. Do Not Abuse Bugs/ Glitches
    5. Do Not Ask for moderator rank. This annoys any owner and it will decrease your chances of becoming one.
    6. Do Not advertise servers , if you do straight ip mute.
    7. Do Not Impersonate staff. IT is a stupid thing to do.
    8. Do Not Threat players about DDOS'ing them or you will be dealt with.
    9. Do Not farm PK Points.
    ... and last but not least
    Enjoy this game Very Happy

    Some of these rules result in a ban and some as a mute, but seriously guys play by the rules, it will benefit you and other players.

    I hope you enjoy your time at ultimate universe guys.



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    Re: Rules (What will help you stay clear of mutes/bans)

    Post  gennosuke on Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:40 pm

    I like the RULES. Very Happy
    Ill follow everyone of them, 1-9.

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