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    Hello Everyone



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    Hello Everyone

    Post  gennosuke on Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:30 pm

    Hello everyone, My name is Gennosuke and I'm 16 years old and yes i play runescape, well not anymore because my account is locked.

    I've been playing RSPS and Rs for many years now. I have been an admin and mod in many different servers, I am a great helper and a nice person if u get to know me.
    Sometimes I wont be on because I am either doing homework or i have baseball practice. Usually on Saturdays I have games and they tend to take awhile, maybe 3 hours or so till the game is over. I think starting November, I'll have that whole month to rest, before we start doing conditioning(running to get ready for the real season).

    Hope to see you all in Game.

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